A downloadable game for Windows

Hidden deep within each and every one of us is the capability to commit even the most heinous crimes. All it takes is finding the right instrument-- and the wrong intention.

The marionettes have become self-aware...

... and they've just discovered scissors!

Snip, Snip.

Work together to figure out who the killer is before curtain call. Stop him before he stops your little wooden heart!

                                                                                - or -

Discover the pair of scissors first and cut the strings of all your friends!

As of now there's only two roles, and only the killer can win, also we kick you out of the match once the game is finish, so there's no winning screen or anything, sorry for the inconvenience.


WASD - Movement

Space Bar - Jump

Left Click (Killer) - Use Scissors

Right Click - Pick Up / Move Objects

Caps Lock - Voice Chat


El Fideo Rubio - Programmer

J.J. Franzen - Full On Badass

Kaitzo - Artist

Ythen - Art Dweeb

Musicka - Composer / Sound Designer

Aren't we all just puppets?

Install instructions

This is a multiplayer game working with steam, after downloading make sure steam is running on the background and if you want to find matches with your friend you have to make sure you have the same download region, by going to steam settings> download> download region


TheHoundsPalace_BehindClosedCurtains.zip 641 MB