A downloadable Not_For_Trade for Windows

Due to unfortunate events within the blockchain era of the not so distance future, you were damaged and left for garbage collection. Now, you have been repaired by an unknown shady benefactor who coerces into a holographic art heist in order to: 

  1.  compensate them for the repairs you have received thus far and
  2.  earn back one last part of your systems - your long term memory storage device


Character Movement  =  W, A, S, D
Rotate Camera = Mouse X & Y Axis 
Run = Left Shift

Level Interaction

+ Snatch Art and Interact with Terminals = E
+ Connecting to NPC Servant Bots: Aim and Left Click on NPC
Download Artwork data from NPC Servant Bots: Once Connected, Press/Hold E
+ Upload RAM Data Through NPC Servant Bots: Once Connected, Press/Hold Q

Terminal Navigation

+ Terminal Navigation: Mouse to hover an option and Left Click to select.
+ Upload RAM Data Through Terminal: 
Click Upload Data then Use Scroll Wheel or Rapid Type on Keyboard.

Exit Art Collection

+ Scrolls over the stolen art entries = Mouse Scrollwheel on the artwork screen

Adjust Audio according to the static sounds prior to using your jack. 


NotForTrade 838 MB