A downloadable game for Windows

⭕️ Two monkeys in outer space, what could go wrong?
Make all the way to your mothership while being tied to your trusty partner, get them out of black holes and aid their navigation.
Remember you are both tied into this.

You can play with one controller, one keyboard or mixing and matching 1 player on keyboard and another one on gamepad.

- Gamepad Controls

Rotate-->Left JoystickRotate-->Right Joystick
Pull--> LBPull--> RB
Jetpack Boost--> LTJetpack Boost--> RT

- Keyboard Controls

P1 P2
Rotate-->A & DRotate-->  <- & ->
Pull--> L CTRLPull--> R CTRL
Jetpack Boost--> L SHIFTJetpack Boost--> R SHIFT

🔸 Team members


SpaceMonkey.zip 178 MB