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In a dystopian future where people fight to prove their celebrity status, people go up against each other to cling on to what little fame they have left. If your poker face isn’t up to scratch, you could become irrelevant and be downgraded a commoner. Unless you're not really a celebrity. Then your fate will be much worse. 

Made in 6 days for Weekly Game Jam 151, using Unreal Engine 4.

Technical Designer - El fideo rubio

Narrative Designer/UI Artist - Eloise Unerman (Simlead/InkAndAmaranth)

3D Artists - Viktoria Berta, Adam Z Hajdu

Composer/Sound Designer/Voice Actor - Michael Macapagal

Voice Actor - Christina Gonzales


TOOL_V0.08.zip 116 MB


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The game is kinda slow with the readings. But I really liked the concept!

Thank you for playing, and you mean slow as in the dialogue sound or the fact that you have to wait for the card animation ?

Both, use some visual novel games as inspiration, maybe you'll spot other things to improve.