Update 0.13

Hey guys I've made a couple of fixes here's the full list 

-Dinner scene is playing now with two endings 
-Performance has severely improve 
-Physics should be easier to deal with now
-Pig face walks normally (this was not a bug but it didn't look to great so I decided to change it )
-Tasks now properly end (Except Pighead Quest)  

-When the game ends the camera fades to black and shuts down

-Fixed bounds issue ( the white noise you would see when moving the camera really fast )

-PigFace only rotates his spine now

That is all for now if you catch any issues let us now, and thank you for playing the game I'll see you on the Ward no seriously find me in there I'll wait for you....and I'll keep on waiting.


The Ward V0.3.zip 295 MB
Jun 22, 2019

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