Update 0.18 And Plans for the Future

Hey Guys The team and I we have been talking for a while and we decided to develop the ward for an extended period of time if you want to get all the details plus some information on how we started the project make sure to watch the video attached.

For the 0.18 Update this is all we Fixed/introduce

- I Thought the creatures of the Ward manners so now the sit at the dinner table.

- There is some amazing visuals accompanying the ending now ( make sure you read that seizure warning before proceeding )

-We Have a better system in place for when things glitch out outside the map, they now respawn properly and play a sound when they do

-We have an outline for the things you can interact with, no more confusion on regular static objects.

-We have a menu now.

-Fixed multiple issues where lines will trigger multiple times.

-And some more improvements that I forgot to put down as I went through those :)


- Fixing the eye quest still appearing at the end

-There is video playing on the TV now

-Couple of corrections with the lights and outlines

That's all for now, again make sure to watch that video to get a glimpse into the future, and if you see or catch any bugs feel free to contact us.


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Jul 03, 2019

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Very excited for more! This reminded me of the music of The Residents and general creepy 90s games. Big fan!!